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These are some of my favourite pages I've seen yet. Gallery is coming soon, but for now, this will have to do.
Source: Originals
these have grade school valentine vibes
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Source: mokkapresti
if you want music to go with the perusing :)
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Ryan Seslow Club
At the Limits
Basically, pages about things you like. Anything. No thematic coherence. I love these.
I'll try to make one too. Maybe we use .misc as the convention for these pages?
Share Yours Pls
If you find pages you like, please share them too! I'm using the .inspiring page, but choose whatever you want.
(Screenshots make them more fun! CMD + SHIFT + 5 on Mac for nice ones, btw. On phones just do your usual screenshot.)
(also I'd like to say there was some deeper message behind this page being so messy but it really was just bc I got too excited and really wanted to get this page out fast so....)
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